Workflow Management Software - A Complete Solution for CA Firms

Workflow Management Software 

- A Complete Solution for CA Firms

A recent survey conducted among Chartered Accountants and Tax Professionals revealed the daily working pattern of their accounting practice, which is as follows :

“At Morning — Work Assignments, In Evening — Taking Updates and Reviews, and in between — Setting & Following daily goals”, and they don't do it just once or twice, but on daily basis.

Findings of Survey :

The survey revealed that these Always-Busy Professionals are losing a major part of their productive time in such day to day operation, that are, no doubt, essential but also very time-consuming. We have categorized these accounting professionals into 3 categories based on the pains they had.

All you need is an automated practice management solution, equipped with resources and applications like :

  • Category 1 : It comprises those chartered accountant who were unable to get real-time status of their workflow unless asked, i.e., they have to daily play question-answers round with staff to get updates.
  • Category 2 : It is composed of those accounting professionals who have to put in extra time for making follow-ups to clients about due dates and payment reminders.
  • Category 3 : It involves those professionals who had the problem to always be in the office to give instructions and timely monitor the work of staff to avoid any interruptions or delays in client jobs.

Expectations from Workflow Management Software for CA Firms :

When asked about adopting a Workflow Management Software to automate their daily task, all showed a similar concern, that was — they all wanted a specialized software tailored as per their needs and they were unable to get the exact one among the wide range of options available.

Automated Project Management Software

Category 1 chartered accountant were in search of such accounting practice management solution that can automatically provide :

  • Status updates of all the ongoing projects,
  • Automatically detect pending projects & it's reasons,
  • Timely alerts about projects cost and revenue,
  • Timely reports of cash inflow, billing process and collection status

All without wasting time in interrogations.

Effective CRM Software

Category 2 professionals needed an advanced client management system that provides separate portal for each client to :

  • Access their documents,
  • Get status updates of their work,
  • Timely dispatch invoice for completed projects,
  • Facilitates online payment through client portal,

All without making repeated follow-ups.

Efficient Team Management Software

Category 3 professionals required such employee management system that can :

  • Mitigate the problems associated with employees performance,
  • Easy work assignments and reviewing,
  • Organize the work into a staff-friendly format,
  • Optimize team productivity to the fullest,

All without any time-wasters.


The Crux is all these accounting professionals highly demanded an effective and efficient accounting practice management software that can automatically take care of their business process, just as they do. Actually they all were looking for new automation technology that can streamline their workflow and their search ends at Easycloudbooks — a specialized software for Chartered Accountants.

Easycloudbooks is an accounting practice management software that is integrated with :

Workflow Software — that makes it easy

  • the process of work assignment,
  • to know the status of projects at different stages i.e., ongoing, on hold, completed, etc;
  • to find un-billed projects
Client-relationship Management Software - that makes it easy
  • To collaborate with client on project with client app
  • To keep client informed about status of work with automated client notification
  • To build and maintain relationship with automated personalised emails and sms
Efficient Team Management Software- that makes it easy
  • To keep team focused and egaged on jobs with instant access to information for jobs in hand
  • To collaborate on client jobs by providing status notes
  • To assign jobs to team member using workflow automation features
Dashboard Management Software

This Advanced All-In-One Practice Management Solution not only acts as the key to all routine management issues but also provides various gadgets that present the required data in the required form. The dashboard reflects all the essentials:

  • Projects-wise,
  • Client-wise,
  • Period-wise,
  • Service-wise,
  • Staff-wise, etc.

That means — “Anything that’s the demand of time is automatically highlighted at your Single Dashboard” Other notable features

  • Cloud-based Document Management Software — that provides paper-less working anytime anywhere
  • Employee Management Software — that automatically measures staff performance and pinpoints leakages or revenue loss, if any.
  • Knowledge Base Solution — that makes easy the process of work assignment, provides in-built to-dos, instant query solving, simple-to-use tools i.e., a proactive working pattern for the team with an assurance of no work stuck.

So if you are busy chartered accountant and want to make your firm future proof with peace of mind, then you must have easycloudbooks task management cum team management cum client management cum document management software in your toolbox along with accounting software and other software for accountants

Work Smart — Work Better — Work Paperless