Client App For Chartered Accountants and Accounting Professionals

Client App For Chartered Accountants and Accounting Professionals

If you're a growing Accounting Firm, you know that you have two big tasks at hand: Get more clients and keep them satisfied, but that's easier said than done. You know how annoying it can be to share files and project deliverables with your clients. These things can get lost in your inbox and you may find yourself playing hide-and-seek while trying to find one of these files.

So, if you are still using a shared drive to send and collaborate on files with your clients, like decades ago, just think for once - "Old ways won't open new doors!" So, how can you expect the traditional working style and collaboration center fetch prospective clients.

Won't it be great if you have an advanced client app that is completely customized to the accounting services you provide and help in enhancing your relationship with clients through direct and easy online collaboration.

What is a client app?

With the advent of cloud-based software, a new trend has been seen in chartered accountants and accounting firms. These professionals are now establishing an online presence to attract new clients and make existing customers happy, through CLIENT APP.

Client App is a modern tool for building a great client base and also supporting the client’s business. It is an innovative step to make sure that your clients can be in touch with you at all times. If you are an accounting firm, then you need to ensure that you have a Client App to make your clients feel important.

Why Is Client App So Important For Accounting Firms ?

In your Accounting Practice, you often find yourself or your team doing something that shouldn’t be on your to-do list, like -

  • Sending clients documents you’ve already sent them
  • Making repeated follow-ups for due dates / payment reminders
  • Handling client communications during peak hours

It’s probably a tall order, and you might be juggling quite a few platforms to manage all of it.

You, therefore, need a dead simple way to organize all of your client deliverables in one simple-to-use App for Clients. Such Client App will allow you, as an Accounting Firm, to deliver services to your clients in a more efficient way. It not only allows you to put your work in front of your clients when it’s convenient for them, but also allows you to give them access to their information when they need it.

How to find the best client app for your Accounting Firm ?

Client mobile app is an advent that helps you provide high-quality service to collaborate with client and build client loyalty. So you should go for such client app that -

  • Allows your clients to keep track of their projects
  • Gives them role-based access to all of the files they need at any given time
  • Eliminates the painful reminders for payments
  • Automates client deliverables and reduces manual tasks

And above all, it provides a white label, so that your clients connect you through your firm name.

So if you're looking for an easy way to streamline your client process and manage your project deliverables then Easycloudbooks Client App is just a click away.

What is Easycloudbooks Client App ?

Easycloudbooks offers a powerful mobile app that allows you to give role-based team and clients access. Its advanced features include -

  • Online sharing of documents - your team can share tasks, documents, and work status with clients
  • Personalized chat with clients - you can have all log of client messages on regular basis.
  • Payment gateway - makes collection of payments easy as your clients can make online payment through the app
  • Customized settings - that lets management select team members who can join the client portal, so that you can assure the ideal collaboration with your client.

And the best part is that you and your clients can use it on the go.

What makes Easycloudbooks unique ?

Easycloudbooks provides a white label client app that all you chartered accountants, consultants and service providers need in your business toolkit. Now when we say white label...we truly mean it. You can customize your client mobile app with your logo, branding which makes you look like a real business!

How Easycloudbooks Client Portal works for you ?

It is an easy-to-install app that gives you real-time insight of your client relationship management.

This client portal houses all of the files you and your client share. You can manage all of your client deliverables in one interface and also integrate it with a payment gateway, that makes receiving payments from customers faster and easier than ever!

Your clients can log in and have access to or download and upload any files they wish to add to the project as well as see which stage of the process they're on which saves a lot of those ''hey where are we at'' calls/emails. This way, the client gets to know what they want.

Know more about Easycloudbooks -

Easycloudbooks is a cloud-based solution for chartered accountants, which ensures a smart way of office management through -

  • Automated Practice Management Software
  • Paperless Working System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Job Management
  • Advanced Online Collaboration Applications

All in a single platform.

So what are you waiting for. Try Easycloudbooks now !